Kids & Teens


The Gateways Children’s Program is professionally run by a hand-picked group of skilled and experienced staff, dedicated to creating a joyful and memorable experience for all children under their care.

Counselors and camp directors work tirelessly to create a program that includes stimulating educational activities, exhilarating games, thrilling off-site trips, and exciting in-house entertainment. All Children’s Program activities and outings are timed to coincide with Gateways lectures, so parents can enjoy the adult program, shows, and hotel amenities.

Preschool Division
Childcare for children ages 18 months to 5 years old

Day Camp Division
For elementary school age children

Private babysitting
Available after hours, for a nominal fee and with arrangements made during registration.

Our fully stocked game room includes ping pong tables, air hockey and pool tables for all ages!

Teen Division

Our Teen programming is designed to stimulate young adults through thought-provoking and interactive events. Our renowned rabbis connect with teens, informing, challenging and invigorating them on many levels.

Rabbi Mordechai Becker
Rabbi Gavriel Friedman
Rabbi Jonathan Rietti
Rabbi Yonason Shippel
Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

Our motto is:
“We don’t fit our teens to the program–we fit the program to our teens. ”

Rabbi Avi Frank
Director of Children’s Program

Rabbi Frank leads a busy life as a Rebbe in Monsey’s Yeshiva Spring Valley in the mornings, Principal of Monsey’s Yeshiva Tiferes Mordechai in the afternoon, and director of Camp Agudah Midwest during the summer. In his rare spare time Rabbi Frank directs Pirchei and hosts Shabbatons for youth groups. Rabbi Frank has found his perfect niche as Director of the Gateways Children’s Program.

Mrs. Tziri Frank
Babysitting Coordinator

Mrs. Frank is the program director for Mishmeres, a high school program for the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, and has a distinguished career inspiring and educating children of all ages. She is best known for her role in TIC Talk, the Chizuk hotline for high school girls; “Frankly Speaking,” a well-known humor column; and “Night of the Stars,” starring the Day Hab participants of Chesed 24/7.

Rabbi Dovid Libman
Masmidim Rebbe

Rabbi Libman is the much loved and respected fourth grade Rebbe at Hebrew Academy of Long Beach in 5 Towns, N.Y., where he has built a reputation for knowing how to connect to children. In his free time, Rabbi Libman can be found in the midst of a large pile of sefarim. Rabbi Libman’s many stellar qualities make the Masmidim Program the success that it is.

Mrs. Brocha Moldaver
Preschool Program Director

Mrs. Moldaver, who lives with her family in Monsey, runs every aspect of the Gateways Preschool Program. With her warm personality, she entertains and educates children in a Yom Tov spirit, while her expertise and people skills endear her to parents as well. Brocha’s positive interactions with counselors, staff and guests alike have helped make the Gateways Day Camp a great success.