The shadchanim of Connections will be meeting singles and their families. If you are coming for Pesach and looking for a shidduch please contact us at

Our Shadchanim

Rabbi Yisrael Friedman
Rabbi Friedman is originally from Chicago and now resides in Lakewood. He learned in RJJ, Brisk and the past seven years in BMG. He has extensive experience in Shidduchim and works full time for Gateways Connections.
Mr. Aaron Leshinsky
Mr. Leshinsky is from Lakewood and has been working on shidduchim with R’ Yisrael Friedman for the last few years, seeing much success. He has gotten to know many eligible boys and girls before they reach the “parsha.” It is wonderful to have him join the Gateways Connections team.
Mrs. Fayge Rudman
Mrs. Rudman specializes in setting up singles in their late 20s and beyond, second time singles, and baalei teshuva. She has been active in shidduchim for over 20 years and has been running events for the last 15 years, bringing together singles from across the globe. Fayge lives with her family in Monsey, and works full time for Gateways Connections.